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A Conference highlighting recent advances in science and engineering

Sunday, November 24, 1996, 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Drawing Room, Château Laurier Hotel, Ottawa, Ontario


  Opening Remarks Robert H. Haynes, OC, FRSC
President, Royal Society of Canada
SESSION I (10:10 - 11:10)

  Chaired by Lawrence A. Mysak, FRSC
Past-President, Academy of Science,
Royal Society of Canada
10:10 John Smol, FRSC
Queen's University
sponsor: Canadian Quaternary Association
"A window on the past: lake sediments and environmental change"
10:40 René Laprise
Université du Québec à Montréal
sponsor: Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society
"Numerical modelling of the atmosphere and ocean"
Co-authors: Robert Benoît, Atmospheric Environment Service; Charles Lin, McGill University
11:10 Break
SESSION II (11:20 - 12:50)

  Chaired by Peter Calamai
11:20 David Fraser
Central Experimental Farm
sponsor: Canadian Society of Animal Science
"Understanding animal welfare: common sense, uncommon science"
11:50 Martin Moskovits, FRSC
University of Toronto
sponsor: Canadian Society for Chemistry
"A giant future for nano-structures"
12:20 Donald Dawson, FRSC
Fields Institute, Toronto
sponsor: Canadian Mathematical Society
"The unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics -- the continuing story"
12:50 Lunch
SESSION III (13:50 - 15:20)

  Chaired by Suzanne Fortier
Queen's University
13:50 Ronald Worton, FRSC
Ottawa General Hospital
sponsor: Genetics Society of Canada
"Understanding the muscular dystrophies: Mind over matter"
14:20 Martha Salcudean, FRSC
The University of British Columbia
sponsor: Academy of Science,
Royal Society of Canada
"Mathematical modelling of industrial processes,
a promising area of university/industry collaboration"

14:50 David Andrews
University of Toronto
sponsor: Statistical Society of Canada
"Statistical science in the age of computers"
15:20 Break
SESSION IV (15:30 - 17:00)

  Chaired by Peter Adams, M.P.
15:30 Eric Svensson, FRSC
Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.
sponsor: Canadian Association of Physicists
"Ice and neutrons, a marvellous mixture"
16:00 Arthur Dyke
Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa
sponsor: Canadian Geoscience Council
"Changes in Arctic marine environments in the last 10,000 years"
16:30 Graham Strachan, President
Allelix Biopharmaceuticals Inc.
sponsor: Canadian Institute of Biotechnology
"Impact of modern biotechnology on the health care sector"
17:00 Close