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  10th Annual Symposium
Leaders in Innovation

Virginie Bernier
NSERC Pharmacology Research Fellow
Merck Frosst Centre for Therapeutic Research

Field: biomedical sciences: role of G protein-coupled receptor for asthma susceptibility; doctoral thesis on folding of V2 vasopressin receptor in nephrogenic diabetes insipidus

Nadia Bhuiyan
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Associate Director of the Concordia Institute for Aerospace and Design Innovation
Concordia University

Field: operations management, new product development, product design and development

Marcus Brady
Vice President, Business Development
PainCeptor Inc.

Field: biopharmaceutical; corporate alliance initiatives with drug firms and academia,patent protection and commercialization of PainCeptor’s technologies

Catharine E. G. Farrow
Chief Geologist
FNX Mining Company Inc.

Field: the formation of magmatic ore deposits; implications for new exploration methodologies

Peter R. Frise
Scientific Director and CEO, AUTO 21
University of Windsor

Field: the automobile of the future – fuels, electronic systems, materials and manufacturing, and health and safety of occupants and auto industry workers.

Karim S. Karim
Silicon Thin-film Applied Research Group (STAR)
School of Engineering Science
Simon Fraser University

Field: Semiconductor circuit, device and process development for biomedical diagnostic and preventative care equipment including medical imaging applications.

Joaquim R.R. A. Martins
Institute for Aerospace Studies
University of Toronto

Field: employing state-of-the-art technology in computing hardware & software to optimize aircraft configurations

Surajit Sengupta
NSERC Industrial Research Fellow
Electrovaya Corporation

Field: production processes in chemical and petrochemical plants; development of new cathode material for use in lithium ion batteries

John M. Shaw
Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering
University of Alberta

Field: petroleum thermodynamics; thermophysical properties of coal liquids, heavy oils and condensate-rich reservoir fluids

Virginia Wittrock
Research Scientist
Saskatchewan Research Council

Field: climate change impacts and adaptation research; drought research; teleconnection patterns research; climate trends analysis