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  Symposium 2011
Symposium 2011

Fuelling Science Policy

DATE: November 15 &16, 2011

PLACE: Ottawa, Ontario

The 2011 PAGSE Symposium was held in Ottawa on November 15 and 16, 2011, in conjunction with the Canadian Science Policy Conference. Nine leading early career academics from across the country were joined by a postdoctoral fellow from the Canadian Institutes for Advanced Research. Together they represented a range of fields in the natural and social sciences and engineering. The delegates engaged in discussions with executives, senior decision makers and policy analysts from parliament, granting councils, non-governmental and media agencies, and the private sector.

The Symposium highlighted and celebrated Canada’s intellectual strength and potential, and stimulated a keen exchange of information. It provided agency heads and government officials with informed feedback and opinions on science policy, research needs, intellectual capacity and property, from highly productive younger scientists. The delegates proposed new models for interdisciplinary research collaboration and for measuring and rewarding the impact of research. They also suggested that structured media training be made available early in a scientist’s career. Four of the delegates presented the group’s conclusions and recommendations in a panel session at the Canadian Science Policy Conference, November 16, 2011.

PAGSE Symposium Report 2011(PDF)