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Summary of 2006 PAGSE recommendations to The House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance

We recommend placing greater urgency on the development of a national Science and Technology (S&T) framework. This initiative is being led by Industry Canada in collaboration with the Department of Finance. A clearly enunciated S&T framework will reap positive rewards in terms of productivity, innovation, the attraction, training and retention of highly qualified personnel, and the quality of life of Canadians. Hence, it should be a priority for the federal government. Specifically, we propose that the Government of Canada:

• Evaluate the return to society on public investment in S&T in Canada and the efficacy of the investment mechanisms employed

• Implement the recommendations of the Expert Panel on Commercialization

• Commission an external review of the roles, functions, assets and deficiencies related to research and development (R&D) in federal government laboratories

• Support measures that ensure the national capacity for continuous scientific monitoring, including the collection, long-term archiving and effective access to the data

• Charge Industry Canada with the funding and implementation of international S&T collaborations