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Summary of 2009 PAGSE recommendations to The House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance

The current global financial crisis has left no economy unscathed. Canada has so far fared better than many other countries, although vulnerabilities exist and action is necessary. Sustained economic recovery requires a mixture of short and long-term measures to ensure stability and long-term prosperity. The creation of knowledge through fundamental, discovery-driven research forms the basis for innovation in the future and lies at the heart of this recovery program.

Supporting a culture of innovation and discovery requires that Canada have the intellectual, organizational and institutional resources to generate new knowledge, identify and act on opportunities, develop strategic alliances and advance developments in new areas. Economic recovery thus requires support both for individuals, who are the drivers of research and innovation, as well as for the major facilities and collaborations of which they are a part. Science forms the core of Canada’s ‘knowledge’ and ‘people’ advantages, and is central to its economic recovery and future development.

The Partnership Group recommends:
• The Government improve Canada’s research and technical capacity to increase productivity and maintain its competitive position in research;
• The Government promote a sustainable knowledge economy through long-term support for major research facilities and collaborative research initiatives;
• The Government create a prestigious and competitive Research Fellows Program for post-doctoral researchers